The Future Awaits....

trusting that everyone wants Freedom, Privacy, Security in said future



Internet Security? Privacy?  I have nothing to hide…. Well, everyone has something to lose.


Having experienced the in depth issues with internet security and privacy we have an understanding of the problems non-technical people face. 


Fundamentally, there are problems with the internet and especially the ability to easily secure your devices.

 In this day and age a simple anti-virus programme is not going to cut it.


It’s about time there was a solution that doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out.


Compartmentalised security brix/blox for easy user configuration, and allow easy connection to existing home internet box/routers. 


Want to know how it works, please help by voting or investing in our crowd-funding pitch.


Alternatively if Freedom, privacy, and security is something you don't want please email.  We'd be intrigued to here from you, and the reasons why not.



Learn how to install OpenWrt router, connect to WiFi/bridging, firmware upgrading, and simple ssh using Kali Linux.  London 

Learn how to install openwrt router, connect to wifi/bridging, firmware upgrading, and simple ssh using Kali Linux. FREE OpenWRT Router with ticket to take home


Please bring a laptop, and 8gb+ usb. If you don't have these let me know if advance and perhaps we can work something out.


If you have further questions i'm available on application, please contact me with your mobile number once you have this and i will contact you back.



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